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About Us

Duke Carpet Cleaning

Duke Carpet Cleaning is a Certified Firm Featuring a Certified Master Cleaner and Restore, having the knowledge and expertise to not only Provide You the Most Thorough Cleanings EVER, but we can also remove most Pet Stains & Odors. You will never have a need to call another Carpet Cleaning Company! Power Cleaning of Ceramic Tile is another service that We Excell in, along with Hot Water Extraction, Outdoor management, Gutter Cleaning and Junk/Waste Disposal. Not only do we extract the water and dry the carpet, which is where most carpet cleaners stop, we actually dry the structure. Using Thermal Imagining and moisture probes to find the water others don't and then specialized equipment to dry it without totally gutting your home, we return your home back to a Dry and Healthy Environment!

Our powerful, truck-mounted vacuum system extracts most of the moisture from your carpet. It’s okay to walk on it, just not in your street shoes. Duke Carpet Cleaning service is quick, convenient and hassle-free. Your home is back to normal in a flash. We even return the furniture to its original position. It’s one more reason Duke Carpet Cleaning service sets the standard in high-quality carpet care.


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